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Timothy Simpson

A New Day is Rising

Leadership is a quality that can only come from risk.

Risk is something leaders live with every day. How leaders handle risk is varied and a fascinating thing to consider. Continue Reading

The Power of Sensory Stimulation

You have 100% control over your environment and that means you have 100% control over which sensory stimulants reach your mind.

Piece of Mind: Sharing your thoughts a little bit at a time.

My blogging activities have taken a serious hit lately. I have been distracted by other duties and issues which has Continue Reading

Ending Apathy: Why caring and supporting community success is vital to your quality of life.

Having grown up in Bowling Green, KY, and also having lived in other cities in the USA and in Europe, Continue Reading

In Memory of Reba Roe Groves

In heaven there is no waiting.

I blog, therefore I am.

Why do I blog? Well, I did it in the beginning because I wanted to simply write a blog on Continue Reading

Life is a dream.

I, the world and all of time is but a passing incident in the endless line of time. Do not be afraid to go for a dream, because that is what life is, a dream! Make it a good one.

Life Springs Eternal

Sometimes I drive out into the back hill roads and down country lanes just to find a place where nobody Continue Reading

Prosperity: Building a Genealogy for Profit Together

What is prosperity? (Note: It is important to point out at the beginning that you can password protect your website Continue Reading